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i’m not a hardcore runner or anything, but thought it would be prudent to pick up some high-vis gear for when i walk the dogs.  it’s hooded and water resistant and isn’t an annoying hot pink, construction orange or biohazard yellow. woohoo!

not sure if these guys are mushrooms or not… still pretty cool lookin’!

super fun day trip to nw trek!

the boys got new high-vis bandanas today!

perfect night for some chili mac and red lobster cheddar bay biscuits! mmm!

today was brad’s first day back! yay! the boys missed their dad and brad just wanted to come home already. heh!

alicia keeps escaping so i had to clip her flight feathers on her left wing. it’s only to keep her safe from harm since i can’t guarantee her safety when she’s running around loose like she’s been…

firs day volunteering @ tokul creek! we got our baby trout trough painting on…

baby trout trough