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BLT and salad for dinner! mmm!

how katy manages to escape is beyond me since i spiked the stump and all. had to resort to clipping one of her wings. our neighbors warned us of prowling owls and coyotes so it’s for the best.

we bought some rip-off low-rent nut mixes from cherrydale farms for olivia’s school fundraiser. i spent $50 for 2 skimpy bags of nuts and 2 rolls of birthday gift wrap PLUS $9 for shipping. wtf? where are the fancy cans i saw in the catalog? by fancy i mean basic run-of-the-mill containers. whatever! i would recommend ordering from instead! the mixes (esp the hawaiian mix) are tasty and the bags from king nut are resealable.

i thought i’d give land-o-lakes sauté express a try and was pleasantly surprised both flavors i picked up were pretty awesome! lemon pepper and garlic herb were mmm!

add to cart: sorel duck/work boots!

brad was making fun of me b/c i didn’t have any decent work clothes or boots for when we volunteer at the hatchery on the weekends so picked up an old crusty rockawear jumpsuit from goodwill and some heavy duty looking boots off of ebay. i had to unstitch all the gaudy embroidery off of the jumpsuit and have already dyed it black to get it to look less flashy.  i’ll try to get a picture up after i paint over the busy-ass graphic print.

this is my feeble attempt to keep the chickens from using the stump as a jump-off…

toby doesn’t like slugs…

lots of different mushroom finds from our woods…