brad & merc

toby & bishop
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today was brad’s first day back! yay! the boys missed their dad and brad just wanted to come home already. heh!

alicia keeps escaping so i had to clip her flight feathers on her left wing. it’s only to keep her safe from harm since i can’t guarantee her safety when she’s running around loose like she’s been…

firs day volunteering @ tokul creek! we got our baby trout trough painting on…

baby trout trough

toby is a lazy bum!

my fav meow meow! ♥️

brad was reminiscing about that one time i was stranded out in the middle of fish lake and he had to come rescue me… 💕

add to cart: bark collar

omfg this f-ing works mir-a-curls! it’s only zapped him once ever.  the warning beeps are enough deterrent for him to stop and think about what he’s going to do about the noise he just heard.  instead of barking his little butt off  he’s a super good boy now…

dry falls @ eastern washington by grand coulee dam!

made chip a uw cake!